Terms of use
At the website of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites
(Hereinafter – “the website”)

Dear browser,
Please read the terms of use for the website (hereinafter: “the terms of use”), which constitute an agreement between the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites business number 580330058 (hereinafter: “the Society”) and between yourself, thoroughly before you browse the website or use any of its services.
The use of the website’s services or part of them (including browsing and registration) constitute as an agreement on your part to the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use or part of them, do not browse the website and do not use its services in any other way.
These terms of use apply to any use of the website, whether through the internet or in any other way. Additionally, the terms of use apply to using the website in any way through computers or any other device, such as cellular phones, PDA’s and similar.
Violation of the terms of use and/or violation by the browser of any commitment detailed in the terms of use could result in access to the website being banned, in addition to any other right the Society holds according to any mandatory law.

1.    The Society runs the website which is located in and is operated under a domain name owned by the Society at the address www.shimur.org. In these terms of use the phrase “The Society” will be meant to include members of the Society, its administration, its employees and anyone on its behalf.
2.    It is possible for different services on the website to require payment, in which case it is mentioned in the website’s content and next to any service with a payment. Different conditions regarding payment, which may be stated next to the aforementioned services, constitute as an inseparable part of these terms of use.
3.    Information stated in the introduction is an inseparable part of the terms of use.
4.    Chapter titles are for convenience only, and should not be seen as committing or assisting to interpretation.
5.    In addition to the definitions elsewhere in the terms of use, the following definitions used:
5.1 “Browser”/”Browsers” – any person browsing the website
5.2 “Joiner” – a browser (as defined in 5.1 who filled out his details in the registration form (Hereinafter: “Joining form”)
5.3 “Content” or “contents” – any information of any kind, including any message, or verbal, visual, voice or multimedia content and also their design, processing, their distribution and method of presentation, including (but not only): any picture, photograph, drawing, animation, diagram, character, simulation, sample, movie clip, audio file and musical file, software, file, computer code, application, format protocol, database and interface and any symbol, logo and icon.
General conditions and content rights
6.    All right of the website, including copyright, including the websites name, its software and content, and auxiliary software used to run the website are owned by The Society and/or its affiliated organizations, regardless of if a notification of rights was included regarding specific information or not, unless stated otherwise.
7.    The Society and/or its affiliated organizations will have the right to use the aforementioned software and content according to their own exclusive judgment, in any place and in any way, with no limitation, and without a need to receive any permission or to make any payments, including selling, transferring, copying, changing, using, displaying and publicly implementing, and giving secondary licenses of the aforementioned content or parts of it.
8.    Any use of the website is a concession and or deposition from the browser of all his rights, including copyrights (including the moral right) for the contents – if and when he has such rights – all in favor of The Society.
9.    The Society will have the right, according to its exclusive judgment and without prior notice, to adjust and/or suspend and/or abort and/or change and/or limit the website, its services – all of them or part of them, including access permissions, availability of activities and services, different contents, hours of activity, content, and software and/or equipment required to access the website and its services. In any case, The Society will not be held accountable for any damages as a result of the aforementioned, even if it foresaw or could have foreseen these damages.
10.    The Society has the right to change and/or correct and/or remove and/or add conditions to the terms of use or parts of it at any time, according to its exclusive judgment and without prior notice. The changes/corrected terms of use will be published on the website and are binding from the moment they are published.
11.    The Society could offer, according to its exclusive judgment, special contents and activities under special or different conditions that will be brought to the knowledge of all browsers or some of them. It is hereby clarified, that participation in the activities and/or exposure to the aforementioned special contents will considered as agreement to the special conditions, which will be detailed as possible next to each such special activity.

Browser’s declarations and commitments
12.    The website’s browser herby declares and commits:
12.1 That he will fully comply with the terms of use and with any instruction by any mandatory law regarding use of the website
12.2 That any information he will give in order to join the Society and/or as required anywhere else on the website, including credit card information, and any information uploaded by the browser will be correct, accurate, realistic and not misleading.
12.3 That he alone will be held accountable for any damage caused to him and/or any third party as a result of relying on contents displayed on and/or through the website, and that he knows the Society will not be held accountable for any direct and/or non-direct damage, financial or otherwise, that will be caused to the browser and/or third parties as a result of using the sites and/or relying on its content. This statement stands even if the Society foresaw or could have foreseen these damages.
12.4 That he knows that personal details given by him, if at all, will be stored under the instructions of any mandatory law.
12.5 That he knows that the Society does not supply any equipment and/or infrastructure needed for access to the internet and for receiving website services including telephone equipment, modems, and internet access software.
12.6 Not to copy and/or distribute and/or trade any parts of the website and/or its contents, before receiving a prior written approval from the Society.
12.7 Not to install and/or send and/or upload to the website or through it any information which he is not allowed to upload by law or by contract, such as hurtful and/or stolen information and/or information whose holding is against public regulations and/or is against the law, including violation of copyright law, trademark, privacy laws, and slander laws.
12.8 Not to use the website’s services and/or its contents anywhere not under the website.
12.9 That any use, change, download or printing of contents from the website and any link to the website and/or its parts will be subject to a prior written agreement from the Society, and subject to that agreement, all unless stated otherwise.
12.10 To reimburse and/or compensate with first demand the Society and/or any party which owns contents in the website and any owner of a license and/or other rights in the website, for any damage caused to them as a result of a violation of the terms of use. If the Society will file a lawsuit regarding the violation of terms of use by a browser and/or member, it reserves the right to manage its own defense in any legal actions taken against it, and the browser and/or member must cooperate with the Society in any such legal action.

Privacy protection
13.    The Society guarantees that all personal details given by the browser and/or the joiner will be stored according to the instructions of any mandatory law.
14.    The Society guarantees not to give the personal details of any browser or joiner to any third party against the mandatory law.
15.    If the release of details is demanded by a body of government acting under law and/or with a court order and/or under legal proceedings taking place against the Society, the Society will release the personal details of the browser and/or joiner relevant to that matter. All this while protecting the browser and/or joiner’s privacy as much as possible under the circumstances and under any mandatory law.
16.    The Society may send a browser and/or joiner who gave his Email address advertisement information, without releasing his details to the advertising party.
17.    Should there appear information in the website describing tours and travel paths, to remove all doubt – the information given in the website regarding travel is general. This information should not be relied upon by itself to execute tours into unmarked and/or unpaved areas.
18.    Information on the website regarding travel should not be seen as more than general suggestions or recommendations.
19.    The number of participants in each tour is limited; the Society holds the right to refuse to sign up browsers interested in joining a tour when the number of participants is larger than the number for this tour.
20.    To remove all doubt, registration for a tour on first-come first-served basis. A browser who signed up for a tour with an unfilled quota, has bought his right to participate in the tour.
21.    It is important to note that the final registration for the tour is the one on the Society’s computers.
22.    It is the responsibility of a participant of the tour to bring with him an updated map.
23.    It is recommended for every tour participant to check with the proper authorities the current security situation in the planned tour area. It also recommended to check the weather forecast for the tour’s date and to check for alerts for flood and/or storms. All this to be done before the tour.
24.    The Society will not be responsible in any way, including by a binding contract or damages, to the cancelation of a trip because of weather conditions or because of a lace of participants and/or for any other reason.

Purchases on the website
25.    The website allows the purchasing of different products with credit card
26.    For this matter, “Website purchase” – purchasing of any product offered on the website.
27.    Any person, who is a resident of Israel, over 18 years of age and owns a valid credit card, may purchase products on the website.
28.    Credit companies whose cards can be used to make purchase on the website are: Visa, Diners, American express Inc., Mastercard and Isracard Inc.
29.    In order to make a website purchase the browser will be required to give the following details: credit card number, card expiry date, first name, last name, full address including city or town, phone number and email address.
30.    Giving false personal details is a criminal offence. Legal actions will be taken against anyone giving false details, including damage claims for any potential damages to the website.
31.    Book prices on the website include VAT.
32.    The price of any purchased object will be charged only if that product is in stock.
33.    The Society will supply the product purchased on the website, through the Israeli Mail Service, only after payment has been received.
34.    The Society is no longer responsible for the product after it was sent in the mail by the Society or anyone on its behalf.
35.    Responsibility for products available for purchase on the website is on the manufacturers and/or importers and/or licensed distributers of the products only, and according to the terms of the warranty and service certificates which come with every product and/or service.
36.    The Society will not be responsible in any way, directly or indirectly for the products and/or their condition and/or their time of delivery and/or their method of delivery
37.    The Society will not be responsible in any way, directly or indirectly for any case in which a user’s purchase is not recorded in the system and/or any technical and/or other problem which prevents the user from purchasing products.
38.    The Society will not be responsible for any illegal activity by participants in the purchase or any other party not under its full control.
39.    The Society holds the right to close down the website and cancel a purchase according to its exclusive judgment, including if it finds that illegal activity is taking place on the website.
40.    Without derogating from the aforesaid, if parties and/or events not under the control of website’s owner and/or its operators, will prevent or detain the sale of products completely or partially , and in some way, and/or the delivery of products sold on the website at the given times, and/or if malfunctions in the computer and/or telephone systems and/or any other communication system will prevent the completion of the purchase process, and/or if because of violent activities and/or workers strike, and/or shutdown and/or a military reserve conscription of special magnitude and/or any other event which is of a higher power will prevent or disturb the purchasing or delivering of products, and/or if there will be changes in tax rates and/or taxes on the products between the time of advertising the product and the planned time of delivery according to the terms of the product’s purchase, the Society may declare the purchase completely or partly canceled.
41.    If there is an error by the writer and/or printer, in the product’s description and/or its price, the terms of payment, the product’s picture or any other printed material, or in the receiving of information from a user of the website, the Society may, but is not required to, cancel the specific purchase.
42.    If the Society has cancel such a purchase, it will return the funds received for that purchase to the customer.
Limited warranty
43.    The website’s services are given AS IS. The society does not guarantee and will not be held accountable for the website’s browsers for the quality of the services and/or the content of the website and/or the availability of services. To remove all doubt, it is hereby declared that the Society is taking reasonable steps to secure the website, but will not be responsible for any breach, malfunction or other security flaw, whatever their reason may be, and the use of the website and its services is under the sole responsibility of the browser.
44.    Without derogating from these terms of use, the Society will not be held accountable for contents published on the website and/or for services and/products offered by third parties, including the contents of advertisements, coupons, and commercial information of any kind appearing on the website, if and where they appear, or for any result and/or damage resulting from their publication and/or reliance on them or their use. Any person making contact with any party following publication in the website, is doing so under his own responsibility alone, and the Society will not be held accountable for it in any way, even if it knew or should have known about any damage or result of the aforementioned.
45.    Publication of advertisements and/or coupons and/or sales and/or tours on the website does not constitute a recommendation of encouragement on behalf of the Society to purchase the services and/or products offered, and the conditions of any transaction carried out as a result of an advertisement, coupon, sale or any other information posted on the website will be agreed upon between the relevant advertiser and/or supplier and the browser, under his responsibility alone.
It is hereby clarified that the Society did not look into any content posted on the website by third parties, and is not responsible for said content. Browsers and/or joiners and/or volunteers hereby completely and irrevocably waiver their rights to any claim and/or lawsuit against the Society regarding aforementioned contents, information and advertisements.
46.    The website might include links to other websites, Israeli or foreign. The Society is not responsible for those websites, their contents or services they offer.
It is hereby clarified that the existence of links to other websites on the Society’s website is not a recommendation to visit any of them, unless it is stated. The Society declares that no steps were taken on its behalf to check the accuracy or reliability of the contents in the aforementioned other websites, or the services and/or products offered through said websites, or their suitability to such or others browsers.
The Society recommends to thoroughly check any different website before browsing it and/or taking part in any activities it offers, and in any case – any person entering a different website through a link from the Society’s website is doing so under his own responsibility alone.
47.    The Society will not be held accountable for any disturbances, errors, lag times, viruses or any other issue that might disturb or damage the website’s services and/or cause damage to the website’s users.
48.    The Society will not be held accountable for any damages caused to the computer system and/or infrastructure of the browser and/or member, loss of information, or any other damage resulting from using the Society website, including the result of downloading information and/or software through the website’s services.
49.    The Society will be the only party permitted to assign, transfer and/or delegate its rights (including its right to receive payment form browsers and/or joiners) and/or its commitments according to these terms of use to a third party of its choice, under the condition that the rights of the browser and/or joiner in that matter will not be harmed.
50.    The terms of use and any conflict arising or related to using the website and/or its content is subject to the Israeli law, and jurisdiction over any matter related to it and/or arising from it is given to the certified Israeli court alone. Any conflict related to the website and/or its contents and/or the terms of use will be resolved at the certified courthouse of the Tel Aviv district, and only there.
51.    The terms of use constitute a binding agreement between the Society and the browser, detail all agreements between the parties, and replace any display and/or commitment and/or agreement given before verbally and/or in writing by either one of the parties. No concession, discount, prevention, or postponement by the Society in realization of its rights will be conceived as a concession or prevention unless stated so in writing.
52.    The Society will be permitted to send different messages to a browser and/or member in one of the following ways:
52.1    Through a message at the general information window on the website.
52.2    Through an Email sent to the browser or joiner’s Email address as it was given by him
53.    The joiner and any browser may send the Society messages through Email at the address shimur@shimur.org.il
Or by mail to the address: The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, Miqve Israel 5891000.
All messages sent to the website will be considered to have been received on the next business day after the actual receiving date. In the case of messages sent to a member through the website, they will be considered to have been given on the first day after the message was sent in which the website’s services were used.
54.    The information on the website is served as a public service and cannot be used as the basis for any kind of claim.

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