"Beit Hameiri" Museum in Safed
At the edge of the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed stands a historic three-storeyed stone house with strange mazes and passages, which hides the life story of the Jews of Safed in the past two centuries. The...
beit.hameiri@gmail.com 04-6921939

"Eilat Iri” (My City Eilat) Museum
The historic museum of the City of Eilat has been established with the assistance of a group of volunteers among Eilat’s senior citizens of different organizations, to tell the story of historic,...
museum@eilat.muni.il 08-6340754

"Khan" museum – Hadera
In the city’s historic center, at the Khan of Hadera national site, stands the “Khan” museum for the history of Hadera. This was originally an Ottoman farm house that belonged to the owner of the Hadera lands...
khanhadera@013.net.il 04-6324562

"Mekorot" – Eshkol Visitors Center
Next to Hamovil Junction lies one of the most important sites on the route of HaMovil HaArtzii (The National Water Carrier of Israel) – the Eshkol site. HaMovil HaArtzi – Israel’s main...

“Alone on the Walls”
The fall of the Jewish Quarter into the hands of the Jordanians at the War of Independence interrupted the continuity of Jewish settlement in the Old City. Following the city’s unification at the...

Aaronsohn House – Nili Museum
The museum, one of the country’s first, gathers the story of Nili (“Netzach Yisrael Lo Yishaker”, Samuel I, ch. 15, verse 29, lit. “The Eternity of (God) of Israel will not Lie”)...

Agnon House
A national site and a cultural and educational institution, dedicated to the creation of the writer Shmuel Yosef (Shai) Agnon, winner of the Noble Prize for Literature. The house on Klausner Street at the old Talpiot neighbourhood (Arnona) was built in 1931 and was planned by architect Fritz Kornberg...
agnon-h@zahav.net.il 02-6716498

Alroy Valley Train Station
The mythological Valley Train, which operated at the time of the Ottoman rule, travelled slowly among the settlements scattered across the valley, including a small station at Alroy, which was used as a meeting place for the people of the region...

Ammunition Hill
During their Mandate (1917-1948) the British built the police academy on the slopes of the hill and chose to situate the ammunition bunker on the hill itself, hence the name of the place. On the War of...
info@g-h.org.il 025829393
Atlit Detention Camp
The Atlit Detention Camp is located near the Coastal Road, north of the town of Atlit. It is a national site and serves as an educational center for teaching the heritage of clandestine immigration. It...
hadracha-atlit@shimur.org.il + 972- (0)4-984-1980
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