Central District
The Central District stretches from Hadera in the north to Gedera in the south and across to Modi’in in the east, forming a semi-circle around the Tel Aviv region (Holon, Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Ramat...
Haifa and Western Galilee District
The Haifa and Western Galilee region is one of the most varied and intriguing areas in Israel, with a variety of preserved sites and buildings that tell the story of the country from the viewpoint of the...
Jerusalem District
Jerusalem is a historic city with a wide variety of neighbourhoods and buildings that reflect the development of Jewish and non-Jewish settlement in the land of Israel. The city is endowed with cultural...
Minorities District
The minorities district was set up in 2008, and it is comprised of all the minority populations from the far south to the north, including Moslem, Druse, Bedouin, Circassian, and Christian communities.In...
Southern District
This is a large district, stretching over the entire Negev, from the line between Ashdod-Kfar Menahem-Kibbutz Beit Guvrin down to Eilat. The district has 14 regional councils, four main cities - Ashdod...
Southern Haifa and Shfela District
The Southern Haifa district stretches from the southern slopes of Haifa to the Tulkarm-Netanya-Beit Lydd road. Let’s start in the centre, at Zichron Ya’akov: the conservation of the town is...
Tel Aviv District
Come and join us in our work to preserve the remains of the past in the Tel Aviv district. The Tel Aviv district, with Tel Aviv at its centre, contains thousands of historic buildings and sites of local...
The Northern and Valley District
The Northern District is one of the largest in Israel according to the demarcation of The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel. It includes the Northern Region, apart from Acco (Acre) and...
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