The International Relations Department
About the department
Twenty-five years after its founding, the The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel decided to set up an international relations department, with the aim of giving our work international exposure.

Among its stated objectives: to initiate and arrange professional trips abroad, organize professional workshops and study days with conservation associations abroad, host preservation experts from foreign organizations in Israel, give regional directors and museum directors, as well as other professionals from either inside or outside The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel , exposure to knowledge from abroad and professional study days, import international know-how in the field of public activism and impart it to active volunteers in the community by way of projects and workshops, to locate international funds and institutions for support in funding and advancing preservation, represent The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel at international conferences, collaborate with academic institutions in Israel that deal with conservation and work with Israeli cultural attaches abroad in setting up exhibitions etc. Included are also other forms of cooperation with organizations in Israel and abroad.

The department is run by Tamar Tuchler, assisted by the architect, Sa’adia Mandel and a public committee of public figures, architects and planners who have expertise and professional experience in the field, as well as connections with individuals or public and private organizations abroad.

With the help of the public committee we have advanced a number of projects and collaborations, including: hosting professionals and professional delegations from abroad; cooperation with embassy officials; promoting professional study days and workshops with people from abroad; exchanges programmes for experts. We have also collaborated with York University in England on a research project studying policy regarding conservation of compounds, in which we hosted an intern from the American Federal Authority. We made submissions to the European Union and other funds in order to promote educational projects and actual experience in conservation work, advanced projects in conjunction with a building trade school in Berlin, which will bring students here to work together with young Israelis at the Trumpeldor cemetery in Tel Aviv, and held professional seminars together with Ikomos Israel, the Antiquities Authority, the Technion, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University and the Tel Aviv Municipality. We have forged relations with the conservation Centre in Paris, France, the Conservation Society of Malta, the Conservation Centre in Louvain, Belgium, and conservation associations in USA, Germany, Britain, Italy and Romania. The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel representatives have appeared at international conferences; we submitted several requests to the European Union and to funds in Germany in order to advance conservation and building technology projects; we also ran a conservation camp together with Icomos Israel and l’Union REMPART from France.  

Together, we can make a difference!

If you have connections, ideas for projects and fundraising and a desire to help, we’ll be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me by e-mail at tuchler@shimur.org.il
or at our offices: tel. 03-5059197 ext.105, 03-5014484   fax. 03-5034828


Tamar Tuchler
Director, International Relations Department
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