Department of Education
The department of education at The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel centers a state-wide array of educational and experiential activities which take place in 130 heritage sites spread throughout the country. These sites are the moral front of The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel. The sites include visitor centers, historical museums, and guidance centers which tell the story of Israel in the last generation.

The department of education manages a selection of training programs for the site’s personnel, initiates educational and tourism activities at both the local and national level, and acts on many additional levels to promote heritage sites. The department, in collaboration with schools, implements educational activities which look into the preservation process, and also produces instructional materials about the history of the land of Israel and its social and cultural values.

The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel invites the community of teachers and educators to take part in the educational activities at the heritage sites, and the many unique educational programs.

With best regards,
Elad Betzaleli, Head of the department of education
Phone 03-5059196 extension 120/130
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