"Khan" museum – Hadera
Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 8:00-14:00,
Friday 9:00-12:00
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday also 16:00-18:00
Guided tour in:
Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish
4 Hagovrim st., Hadera.
Khan museum
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In the city’s historic center, at the Khan of Hadera national site, stands the “Khan” museum for the history of Hadera. This was originally an Ottoman farm house that belonged to the owner of the Hadera lands, from whom the ground was purchased for the establishment of Hadera in 1891. 30,000 dunams (30 sq. km) were purchased by four associations of Hovevei Zion from Russia, in order to found the largest agricultural settlement in the Land of Israel at the time. One seventh of the land was malaria swamps, which cost the lives of many victims among the settlers. The first families lived in the Khan building until licences were granted to build their homes. Their survival at the site and struggle to dry out the swamps became a symbol in the history of the Land of Israel.

What’s at the site: the remains of the historic Khan and a farming display within the Khan garden, fascinating exhibitions of the first 70 years of Hadera’s 120, periodic rooms, an abundance of accessories, tools, furniture, objects, historic films, city archive, collections and a big library for the history of Zionism and the Jewish settlement.

For the general public: guided tours for all ages, combined with films, acting and singing shows and a puppeteer. The visit of the Khan is combined with a visit to the adjacent Feinberg House.

For children: guided tours for all ages, unique workshops and activities at the museum, which may be combined with a visit of the Feinberg House. Consultancy concerning tours of sites in the city and its surroundings.