Atlit Detention Camp
Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00,
Friday 09:00-13:00,
tours by advance booking
Guided tour in:
 Hebrew and English. Some of the displays available in Russian, Spanish, French and Amharic
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Atlit Detainee Camp
C-46 Commando Airplane arrived
"Bintivey Ha'apala"
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The Atlit Detention Camp is located near the Coastal Road, north of the town of Atlit. It is a national site and serves as an educational center for teaching the heritage of clandestine immigration. It was used for imprisonment of illegal immigrants captured after struggling against the British while trying to entre Land of Israel via sea and land as well as activists from the Jewish population who had fought against the British rule, including Etzel and Lehi fighters and detainees of the “Black Sabbath”.

What’s at the site: restoration and reconstruction of the British detention camp, including the wired fences, guarding towers, classification, disinfection and residential barracks; a film about the Palmach break-in into the camp in October 1945; “Bintivey Haapala” (clandestine immigration) – a computerized database containing the names of immigrants, immigration activists and volunteers as well as comprehensive material concerning the period of clandestine immigration during the rule of the British Mandate in Land of Israel; a ship offering an experiential visit simulating a sea voyage, that demonstrates the hardships endured by the immigrants on their way to the Land of Israel.

For the general public: Guided tours through the camp’s wired fences and barracks, a moving encounter with testimonies at the computer database and an experiential and touching visit to the unique display in the ship "Galina". Guided tours by advance booking.

For children: For school or children groups- unique and experiential visits including activations for children including night activations by advance booking
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